You know what it’s like to live in the Wild West

You must have seen enough Westerns to almost think your memories are real. You’ve seen many movies too where the elders in some tumbleweed town in Arizona hire a gunslinger to drive out the lawless cowboys and clean the place up. And you know how that usually works out. The gunslinger uses intimidation to swagger about and rule the town. He takes over the best room in the hotel, eats and drinks for free and helps himself to supplies from the general store. He appoints himself mayor, judge and sheriff. He chases the Mexicans out of town and abuses the women.

How do the hapless townsfolk react?

“He’s doing what we’re paying him to do,” they say, trying to reassure themselves it’s all going to plan.

And that’s exactly what Trump’s supporters say.

President Trump is doing precisely what they elected him to do.

Shake it up. Drain the swamp. Make America Great Again.

All those things that the lying mainstream media report about him matters not one jot to them because as far as they’re concerned, it really is all going according to plan. And the more the liberal left scream and shout the more they are convinced of that, it’s like you’re proving their point. The more distinguished public servants who speak out against him and the more Republican Grandees who condemn him, heck, that just cheers them up no end.

The truth is not your friend. The truth ain’t around no more. The truth is the first thing Trump kicked out of town. You are not going to win by using the truth. You are not going to win either by running Hilary Clinton against him which the Dems seem hell-bent on doing.

You know who I feel sorry for?

Queen Elizabeth.

She’s going to have to hang on for another six years or Donald Trump will be the President who flies over to prance around at her funeral. Because you know he will be re-elected.

And she’s 92 already.