The English Nazi movement

Those of us who remember having proper history lessons will no doubt recognise the circumstances in which the Nazi party flourished in Germany. They pandered to popular outrage over the way the Treaty of Versailles was stripping the country and they directed their ire at the Jews. They rallied in their thousands with flags flying to hear ranting and hate-mongering. They wanted racial purity and the re-establishment of what they considered traditional German values.

Sound familiar? Today, we have a large body of opinion that deeply resents the European Union and all it is doing to emaciate this country and they direct their ire at Moslems and immigrants. Well I am in the former body of opinion but emphatically not in the latter. I also resent the way they have hijacked my flag and my values and claim them to belong to true Englishmen.

These people represent the worst of what this country is becoming. Krystal Nacht is not far off.