The hypocrites that used to be our government

So Alun Milburn may be joining the Coalition government. I’m not really surprised by the reaction of some of his former colleagues. Instead of seeing this as a PR opportunity to crow that only Labour could represent the poor and disadvantaged, these selfish individuals, who actually could not care less about the poor and disadvantaged, are screaming that he is a class traitor. A “collaborator” says John “Two Jags” Prescott, who would doubtless be overjoyed if the poor and disadvantaged suffered even more. Milburn’s critics, remember, are the people who imposed extra taxes on the poor while cutting them for the super-rich.

Frankly, I am dismayed at his appointment. I am convinced a true believer in free markets and the enterprise economy would have a more significant and longer lasting impact than he possibly could. But I don’t doubt that his heart’s in the right place, I’m just once again reminded of one reason why the last Labour government were a disaster for this country, rich and poor alike.

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