No, I’ll not move on, thank you Mr Clegg

It may seem to Nick Clegg the correct thing to do after Gordon Brown has apologised for his “bigot” remark is to be the proper gentleman and suggest we put it behind us. But Brown’s unguarded remark reveals how much contempt he has for ordinary people and reminds us why we want and need change. It is the breathtaking arrogance of so many of our masters in Parliament, exemplified by the expenses scandal, that has us so riled. This government has signed-over our rights to Europe and denied us the right to have a referendum, they won’t even have a debate on whether to have a referendum. They sign into Law new legislation by Order in Council, evading even the minimal scrutiny this lame-duck Parliament gives to anything these days. They even told us flat-out lies in order to get support for a war that all the evidence suggests was illegal. No, Mr Clegg, you are wrong. That gaffe goes to the very heart of the problem; we want to be listened to, we want our opinions heard, we are not bigots. If you don’t know that, then you don’t really understand us.

Virus Warning

A new virus has been discovered that has been described by the Daily Telegraph as the most dangerous ever to hit Britain. Innocent users are being duped into marking an “X” in a box on a piece of paper that will result in catastrophic consequences. If you receive a manifesto with a picture of a red rose on it, destroy it immediately, if you do not it will infect the election process and may result in the following:

* More rights being given away to Europe without a referendum
* Higher taxes for low income households, lower taxes for the mega-rich
* Continued double-dip recession and increased taxes on jobs
* Continued low spending on our armed forces and neglect of the wounded
* Continued lack of border control and increased uncontrolled immigration
* Continued assaults on anything representing British culture and values

Do not put a cross in the box next to “Labour” on your ballot paper.

Virus removal procedure:

If you become accidentally infected by this virus, there is only one thing you can do: emigrate